Vestition Day Celebration

What do you have when you have the Solemnity of St. Joseph and the vestition of TWO new novices? A great celebration, of course!

This evening at recreation, the other novitiate sisters surprised us with an original song to honor the 2 new novices. We only got the last verse on video but we thought you'd enjoy it along with the professed sisters' contribution which was cut short by the Compline bell. The video is perfect evidence that it's not unusual for Sr. Mary Martin to have to repeat the closing prayer several times before we all hear it!

Sr. Martha was kind enough to give us the complete text for you to enjoy.

Wear that Novice Habit
(to the tune of “Play that Funky Music”)

Once I was a happy Bluebird,
Playing in a Postulant band.
I wore a bright blue jumper,
And a veil that slipped more than I could stand.
I had so much fun playing,
But now it’s time to move it along.
We’re taking on new habits,
As Doves, we’ll have to sing a new song.

‘Cause we’ll be praying and singing and reading during Office,
And just when this hit me, somebody turned around and shouted:

Wear that Novice habit, White Veil!
Wear that Novice habit well!
Wear that Novice habit, White Veil!
Lay down your jumper and wear that Novice habit for a while.

With Our Lady’s beads beside me,
Our Lord’s Crucifix so close to my heart,
A scapular and cappa,
And a brand new name to make a new start.
I hope I’ll catch on quickly,
To carry all these blessings with grace.
All for the love of Jesus,
Whose Presence you can read in my face.

‘Cause I’ll be praising and blessing and preaching with my sisters,
And just when this hit me, somebody turned around and shouted:


At first, it won’t be easy,
Keeping all this white stuff clean.
I’ll meet with all-new trials,
And difficulties yet unseen.
But still, I’ll keep on fighting,
Praying every step of the way.
My sisters are behind me,
Who shared the joy of my clothing day.

When we were dancing and singing and feasting with St. Joseph,
And just when this hit me, somebody turned around and shouted:


Believe it or not, 20 minutes later, these same sisters were solemnly leading the community in the Salve Procession!

Now we enter in the most solemn week of the year, accompanying Jesus in His passion and death and as the beautiful liturgies unfold we remember all our readers in our prayers and sacrifices throughout this week.