We are pleased to announce the publication of The Nuns' Garden, a lovely book on none other than, yes, our monastery's enclosure garden! Helen Frank, an accomplished artist, and her daughter, Holly Scalera, a published poet, collaborated on the book. Last week, we held a private book launch party with refreshments provided by Helen, Holly, and Rhonda Cyrus, a good friend of our monastery who has been instrumental in promoting the book and finding a benefactor (who prefers to remain anonymous, pray for her!) who paid for its publication.

As soon as the books were passed around, the sisters excitedly turned the pages, seeing if they could recognize the sisters (and scenes) in the illustrations. (Sr. Mary Catharine remains convinced that she has been "conflated" with another sister!). We were stunned at how Helen and Holly had gained so much insight into our life during their brief visits inside our garden and in conversation with us. Reading the book and gazing on its paintings certainly inspired and delighted us, and filled our hearts with gratitude for God's beauty which surrounds us and, even moreso, the beauty of our vocation.

Our hearts were also filled with gratitude for the gift of being featured in Helen and Holly's book. Their generosity has also extended to their kindness in donating 50% of the sale of each book to our monastery. May the Lord reward them abundantly!

The Nuns' Garden may be purchased through our on-line store, The Cloister Gift Shoppe. Please click here to order your copy(ies!) today!

The sisters gather in the parlor to celebrate with Helen and Holly.

Helen answers questions from the sisters.

Holly reads a selection of her poetry from the book.

Sr. Maria of the Cross listens eagerly.

Sr. Maria Veneranda opens up to the "Summer" section.

Sr. Diana Marie, Sr. Lauren, Sr. Martha, and
Sr. Mary Rose Dominic

Sr. Mary Daniel and Sr. Mary Peter

Sr. Mary Rose Dominic and Sr. Maria Agnes

Sr. Mary Catharine opens to her picture. The general consensus is that this is a conflation of both Sr. Mary Rose Dominic and herself!