Cor Unum Saints

Today the Order celebrates 3 early nuns of the Order who so exemplifies "living in one heart and mind": Blesseds Diana, Cecilia and Amata.

The old Dominican martyrology says:

At Bologna in Acmilia (Italy), Blessed Diana d'Andalo, virgin, of the Order of Preachers. While yet living in the world, she made, in the presence of St. Dominic, a vow of virginity, and also one of entering the religious life. After his death, she courageously overcame the determined opposition of her relatives and founded, in the same city, the monastery of St. Agnes. Here she lived a most holy life for thirteen years, ind after her death was noted for her miracles.

Likewise at Bologna, the Blessed Cecilia and Amata, virgins, of the Order of Preachers. They received the habit from St. Dominic himself and made their profession to him in the monastery of St. Sixtus at Rome. Later they were sent by Pope Honorius III to Bologna that they might be companions to Blessed Diana in the monastery of St. Agnes and assist her in carrying out the correct and holy practices of religious life. In: death, they rest in glory with her in the same tomb.

Several years ago we posted a comprehensive post along with some wonderful photos of the urn that carries the relics of our Sisters. Please read it HERE.

Special thanks to Bro. Lawerence Lew, OP of Godzdogz for letting us use this photo.