WYD:Celebrating Dominican Style

Recently, one of our sisters saw this photo and the accompanying article in our diocesan newspaper. The caption reads, "BISHOP FISHER HELPS AT 'SAUSAGE SIZZLE' IN SYDNEY Auxiliary Bishop Anthony Fisher, coordinator of World Youth Day, right, volunteers at a "sausage sizzle" June 8 in Sydney, Australia. Organizers of the July youth gathering said they will be providing pilgrims with tastes of traditional Australian food. They also promised a "massive barbeque," a feat which has never been attempted before at World Youth Day. (CNS photo/Dan McAloon) "

Bishop Anthony Fisher, the coordinator for World Youth Day is a Dominican, as you can see by his habit in the photo and truly an idea of a "Sausage Sizzle" is evidence of his Dominican training! St. Dominic and the first Dominicans zealously fought to turn people away from the Albigensian heresy which said that the spiritual was good and the material evil. As a result, we have always had a respect and appreciation for all that God created and "saw that it was good." You could say that Dominicans are known for our zest for celebrating with good food!

However, what the Sister who saw this article first reacted to was his SLEEVES! "Bishop Fisher, roll up your sleeves!" We just hope his novice master hasn't seen this photo!

It's not unusual for friars to bring their habits to us with sleeves and hems tattered with, "I love this habit! Do you think you could fix this?"

Miracles do happen and false hems and sleeves are standard for an Order dedicated to Truth!

We suspect that by the time Bishop Fisher gets through WYD and the Sausage Sizzle his habit will be needing the same TLC. Yet another reason to have a Dominican monastery in Australia!

As WYD 2008 comes closer we join our brothers and sisters in the land down under in prayer, invoking the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth!