New Products from Seignadou Soaps!

After months of trial and error and "nun testing" we are happy to introduce two new products from Seigndou Soaps!

We now offer Hand Creme and Lip Balm. Both are all-natural products with simple ingredients made right from scratch here at the monastery by the nuns. An evening recreation will find a number of nuns gathered around a table packaging and labeling. Although not shown, each hand creme bottle is finished off with a perky little red bow!

Seignadou Soaps Hand Creme

We have been offering these products in our tiny gift shop at the monastery for several months and have received many positive comments.

Seignadou Soaps Lip Balm

Each lip balm tube is shrink wrapped. It takes a good twist to get the cover off!

We hope that you will consider trying our new products and coming back again for our soaps! In the fall we will be offering some new soaps for Christmas gift giving. The sisters have just begun working on these and the "testers", i.e. the rest of the community, have been busy critiquing them!