The "Sights And Sounds" of Summit!

Several weeks ago the bridge construction project on Springfield Ave. was completed and quietly the detour signs were taken down and the bridge opened for traffic into downtown Summit! We're happy to share that we heard almost nothing from the construction although it is not too far down from our monastery. Now we await the closing of Morris Ave as construction begins on the Morris Ave bridge.

However, construction finally began this week on the much talked about Claremont Corporate Center smack next door to us across Morris Ave. Cranes could be seen uprooting trees and the sounds of backhoes and jackhammers provide "background music" to our silence and prayer.

Over the past year the monastery Chapter made the unprecedented decision that we should attend the Town Council meetings regarding this project in person rather than be represented by someone else as is usually the case. The close proximity of this project will have an impact on our monastery, most notably on the ability for our friends to enter and exit our driveway. On the positive side, the lawyer for the company also pointed out that Catholics working in the building will appreciate the ease in which they will be able to attend Mass or come to pray in our chapel.

The Sisters' attendance along with that of other concerned neighbors did have a positive impact on the final plans. Most notably the current intersection traffic problem will be addressed. Parking lot lights will be required to face down and sensor lights instead of light on all night inside the building will be installed.

This new project will also have a practical impact on the ability of our friends who come for Rosary Sunday, Christmas Eve Mass and special events to find parking! For many, many years, the previous owners were kind enough to let us use their parking lot. We are praying that the new owners will be equally as generous.