Seignadou Soaps: Mocha Java Goes Latte

If you have purchased Mocha Java Soap from our online Cloister Gift Shoppe in the past and were not to keen on the dark color which could show up on some wash clothes, well, frankly, neither were we!

Not too sure what to do next we waited. Experimented. Waited. Experimented again. Finally, one of the Soap Sisters came up with this great color: a 2 layered soap that looks amazingly like a latte: darkish in the bottom layer, creamy on the top layer and finished with a swirl that almost looks like froth! Obviously, Sister has had much experience drinking lattes in the not-so-distant past!

So, give it a try! If the economy has forced you to give up that expensive Latte at Starbucks then our Mocha Java Soap at $4.00 a bar will bring you many mornings of the pleasure of that first ahhh cup of coffee!

Coming in September! Apple Harvest Soap: The fresh, crisp scent of apples just picked off the tree!

This soap gets four stars from one of our sisters who is allergic to apples. In fact, that's why we originally created this soap. She raves about the smell!