Celebrating Our Lady's Birthday!


If it were Dawn, God’s chastest stars
Pierced first that natal chamber
Where lay the babe of just two hours
Asleep in “baby” slumber.
At Dawn, will stars dare light the room?
Ah! celestial dilemma!
You shine in vain to light the room
Of your “Stella Matutina”!

If it were Noon, God’s great, bright sun
With joy gave rays of light
To open Jesse’s Newborn Flower.
Ah! petals yet folded tight!
Great Sun, your light will pale one noon
When Light Eternal will die
For from those petals while opened yet closed
Bloomed a Flower of the Most High!

If it were Night, God’s moon came round
To blanket o’er the splendor
In a ray of the moon in stillness lay
A newborn and Her mother.
Oh Moon, you shine from on high to night
But the day will soon be meet
When the stars will deck Her beauteous head
With the moon beneath Her feet!

--Mother Miriam, OP, Dominican Sisters of the Perpetual Rosary, Milwaukee, WI

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