The Assembly...continued

The New Association President and Council

•President: Sr. Mary John (Lufkin)
•Vice-President: Sr. Miriam (Elmira)
•First Councillor: Sr. Mary of the Sacred Heart (Menlo Park)
•Second Councillor: Sr. Mary Catharine (Summit)
•Third Councillor: Sr. Mary Thomas (Farmington Hills)
•Friar-Consultant Nominee: Fr. Dominic Izzo

We have been working hard these last few days in business meetings working on the revision of the directory section of our Association statutes. Word by word, line by line Fr. Dominic Izzo masterfully guides us through the discussions and multiple rewrites. "Everyone comfortable with the word....?" "Anyone disagree?" Then the grammarians go in for the kill. "That's a dangling participle," one sister says in her understated way and thus begins another round of clarifying a sentence.

It's not all serious. There is plenty of laughter and funny remarks thrown in. "I'm from Cranston, Rhode Island," Fr. Izzo quips. "We don't know anything about grammar!"

But through it all the Dominican way of government is at work. For almost every section (or even just a word) voted on, by the time it comes to a vote there is consensus and often unanimity. It's beautiful to see and experience.

Yesterday we had elections which were held earlier than usual in the proceedings because of the work the new President and Council would need to do. As you can see by the results this newbie delegate was elected 2nd Councillor much to my surprise. I am eager and happy to do my part in furthering the goals of our Association of mutual support in order to live our Dominican monastic life more fully.

Yesterday, our International Promoter, Fr. Brian Pierce, headed out to the airport to fly off to yet another nun gathering. This time it was to Germany where the European monasteries that are not in France, Spain or Italy--called the Utriusque Region--are having their Assembly. Fr. Brain carried with him our prayers and support and greetings. We will miss the presence of our brother and especially his rich and beautiful homilies. He was a great support to Fr. Izzo in the midst of all these nuns!

Today is Sunday but the work continues. We are being treated by Fr. Izzo and the Province of St. Joseph to a brunch after Mass but then nose to the grindstone! The schedule says free time this afternoon but we'll see!