The Best Place In Town To Be

Our extern chapel where Jesus is solemnly exposed in a beautiful monstrance day and night!

Every so often friends (or sometimes even strangers) call us up on the phone to ask, "What is going on at the monastery?" because our driveway is filled with cars.

"Nothing that we know of," is usually our reply. Sometimes a group comes to have a Holy Hour in our Chapel without calling first for permission but usually the Sister on her Hour of Guard alerts us that there is a group in the extern chapel.

Most of the time the number of cars parked in our driveway is simply evidence of people from the area taking advantage of the best thing we have to offer: Exposition of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament!

From 6AM in the morning when Sister Sacristan opens the doors until 7PM at night when she closes them there is a steady stream of people who come to spend time with Jesus. For those of us on the "other side" of the grille it is a wonderful sight and we join with them in their prayer.

There are those who come daily. They have their "spot" in the chapel which seats approximately 350 people. Some come for Lauds and Vespers although for many our sound system which is in need of updating doesn't work as well as they or we would like to hear us singing clearly. However, our "regulars" know just what pew to sit in for maximum benefit!

We are quite near Overlook Hospital and some come to bring their trouble and distress to the only One they know can console them. Others come to bring their joys because they know that only in Christ will their joy be full!

If you live in the area we encourage you to come spend time with our Lord here in our chapel. And if you live far way find an Adoration Chapel near you. Consider signing up for an hour of adoration. He wants to be with you! Come spend time just to be with Him, to sit in the silence that is galaxies away from the noise of the world. You won't regret it!

An aerial view of our monastery. As you can see, most of the structure is the extern chapel or the nuns' choir! The section to the right of the chapel is the Chaplain's apartment. To the left are the dormitories and the back is the common areas. Jesus is literally the HEART and CENTER of our Monastery!

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