A Shepherd Comes to "Bethlehem" A Few Days Early!

Most of the community with Bishop Manuel Cruz

Today we had the joy of welcoming our new regional bishop, Bishop Manuel Cruz for Mass and a visit in our community room afterwards. Bishop Cruz brought along his aunt, Tia Isabella who was thrilled to be able to enter the enclosure with him!

Bishop Cruz didn't know that today is the 792th anniversary of the approval of the Order of Preachers but his homily was perfect as he told the story (for the novices) about the dream of St. Dominic. The story goes that St. Dominic saw heaven filled with holy men and women and not ONE Dominican. He began to weep and asked the Lord why there were no Dominicans. Our Lord pointed to His Mother who opened her mantle and there hidden were an infinite number of Dominicans! (That is why we don't have a lot of canonizations. They can't find 'em!)

Bishop Cruz has a great love and esteem for the contemplative life and reminded us of what a blessing EACH of us received in being given this beautiful vocation. He reminded us also, that the Church and especially the Church of Newark depends on our prayers.

We had a lovely visit, even singing one of our Spanish Christmas carols which we have been practicing.

We ask the Lord to bless our Bishop and keep him with us in the Archdiocese of Newark for many years!

Bishop Manny came up to the open grille to preach the homily.

The novices share a laugh with the bishop.

Tia Isabella and Bishop Cruz listen to one of the nuns.
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