We thought that it was time to give you an update on our renovation and building project and fundraising efforts. We're happy to say that despite the economy donations have been steady. On the other hand, due to the economy we have not received the large donations necessary for a project of this size to project when we will be able to start the building phase. There is the possibility that we will receive a large grant in the near future which will make the kitchen and refectory renovations possible sometime in early 2009. Please pray with us to St. Joseph to make this possible!

At this point what we really need (besides money, of course) are gifts- in- kind from various vendors for kitchen equipment, sinks, flooring, kitchen cabinets, refectory flooring, lighting, tables, etc. So, if you know anyone in these sorts of things that may be able to help let them know about us!

If you are in the area and have plumbing or carpentry skills and are willing to help out either by donating your time or at cost would you let us know?

Both sorts of donations would go a long way in helping to defray the cost of this very necessary project.

Shortly after Christmas we hope to give you some more concrete news. Meanwhile, we'll have to figure out what to do while the renovations are going on. We were told that it will take three months! Seignadou Soaps will have to move out of the "bakery" but where? We haven't yet figured out where the temporary refectory will be. There are very few possibilities and both have merit and major drawbacks. It will be a certainly be a challenge and absolutely an opportunity to grow in virtue!

If you would like to donate to our renovation project or want more information go to our special website:

As we pray at each community Chapter and so often at the Office intercessions: May God reward all those who do good to us for the sake of Your Holy Name!