A Night of Study with St. Paul

This evening we spent a delightful hour with Fr. Pablo Gadenz, a priest of the diocese of Trenton who currently teaches scripture at Immaculate Conception Seminary in nearby South Orange.

Father Gadenz focused on Romans 9-11, some of the most difficult passages in St. Paul's letters. Father's theme was: Called from the Jews and from the Gentiles: Pauline Ecclesiology in Romans 9-11. Much to the amazement of us all, Father was able to briefly (VERY BRIEFLY) go through these chapters and comment, giving us a small introduction of the depth of St. Paul's teaching and scholarship.

This was Father Pablo's first time lecturing to us and we are looking forward to his return! It is to our advantage and to Father's disadvantage that he is so close by! (Well, we hope Father thinks having us nearby is to HIS advantage, too!)

The whole community thoroughly enjoyed this evening of study, attempting to go more in depth into Holy Scripture and into the thought of St. Paul during this Pauline Year!