A Patristic Reading Plan for Lent

A Friday night in Lent. Toni Greaves got this wonderful photo during her visit last Lent.

In monastic communities, the time of Lent is usually also a time for more intense prayer, lectio divina and reading. In our monastery, we omit recreation on Friday evenings so that the entire period from after supper dishes (around 7PM) to Compline (8:30PM) is given over for prayer and study. This is a treasured time in our house!

Some sisters spend the entire time in choir while others may spend it in their cell, the library or divided up between cell and choir. Some sisters plan special reading during this time while others just enjoying have more time for this important monastic observance.

Such a practice isn't the perview of monks and nuns alone. It's just as important for lay people as well! We thought that you would enjoy this website which not only provides a plan for reading the Fathers of the Church (what is called Patristics) during Lent but even provides a PDF with all the readings right at your fingertips! In other words, there's not excuse for NOT becoming acquainted with this treasure of our Catholic Faith this Lent!

Go to Church Fathers Lenten Reading Plan for a schema, the PDF files and even an alternative: Church Fathers Reading Plan Lite!

If you find this irresistible perhaps you would like to let us know if you plan to try to follow the plan this Lent. Then after Lent we can remind you in an Easter post and you can give us your thoughts of how this plan nourished your faith and impacted your life. Some of the Sisters will be doing it, also so we will share, too.

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