Posing for posterity! Some of the community with Corey and Katherine Huber.

On Tuesday, February 10th, we welcomed Corey and Katherine Huber of the Fraser Family Foundation who presented us with a gift of $100,000 for our capital campaign for our planned renovations. This generous and sizable donation brings our capital campaign up to $337, 500 allowing us to set into motion the much needed renovation of our kitchen and refectory.

The Huber's didn't know it, but this day is also the anniversary of the death of our foundress, Mother Imelda of Jesus who, with 13 other nuns founded our monastery from the Perpetual Rosary monastery in Union City, NJ in 1919. We are celebrating our 90th anniversary this year. Surely, Mother Imelda is interceding for us and for all of you who have been so generous despite the economy is helping us with our renovations.

Mother Mary Imelda (left) with her blood sister, Mother Mary Emily. Don't you love the twinkle in Mother's eyes?

We still need almost $200,000 to reach our goal of $500,000! We are grateful for all donations no matter the size! Please let others know of our need! Daily, you are remembered in our prayer, especially in our prayer to St. Joseph.

We are also in need of donations of goods such as heavy duty (but lightweight) dishware, cookware, stainless steel utlity carts, refectory tables and lighting fixtures. Do you know anyone who might be able to help us with donations or discounts on these items?

We are looking forward to sharing more exciting news with you soon!

Contractors have become regular visitors, checking out the site and making all sorts of fascinating drawings. We try not to get into their way but more than a few of us would like to climb up on the ladders or peer down into the plumbing in the basement or maybe just peek over the shoulder of the contractor as he scribbles on renovation plans.

Edited February 11, 2009

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