Renovation Update

It's been a while since we've shared news of the progress of our renovation project. We're happy to tell you that in God's Providential care of us and despite the economy progress is being made!

We are the beneficiaries of the services of general contractor, Frank Kurfmann whose quiet enthusiasm for the project as well as the wealth of his experience is enabling us to move forward. This Monday Frank brought Sr. Mary Martin, Sr. Denise Marie and Sr. Mary Catharine to E&A Supply in Plainfield to get a first hand look at ranges, ovens sinks, dishwasher, exhaust hood and what-not for the kitchen. E&A Supply is a cook's paradise and customers can come in off the street to purchase items.

Thanks to customer representative, Adam, many modifications from the original plans are being put into place as we've been presented with several different equipment alternatives that we, well, didn't know existed! These modifications will keep costs down significantly. However, the one thing that really made our eyes go big were the external drain releases on the projected new sink. No more getting habit sleeves dirty while diving in to pull the drain stopper! (It doesn't take much to make nuns happy!)

It's exciting to see us finally moving into this phase. Now that we have pretty much decided on what we need, the final drawings can be made to be submitted to the city for approval. Although there is still MUCH to be done we are looking toward summer for the actual work to begin.

Fundraising continues as we are about 85% to our projected goal. We are grateful to each and everyone of you for your support. Please continue to join us in asking St. Joseph's intercession to provide the rest of the funds needed.