A Vist With the Master of the Order

As though Sunday's visit with Cardinal McCarrick was not enough, today we had a fraternal visit with the Master of the Order, Fr. Carlos Aspiroz Costa, and his vicar, Fr. Edward Ruane.

Following Holy Mass at 11:30 we had a wonderful meal in the community room. The sisters all worked hard to provide a generous spread of hamburgers, salads, fruit, lemon pie (which was runny) and a dark chocolate cake!

During the meal we simply shared the joy having the successor of St. Dominic with us, a joy of brothers and sisters united in "one heart and mind".

After a walk around the grounds it was time for a community photo and then all too soon Fr. Carlos and Fr. Ed were out the door and heading to New York. It was a perfect day in every way and we are so grateful to God for this joy! Blessed be God in His gifts!

Our candidate, Janlyn can't wait for the day when she will be with us for good!

Sr. Joseph Maria is our pineapple expert! All her fruit salads are works of art!

And Martha served!

Fr. Master offers Holy Mass.

Sr. Carri and Janlyn bring up the gifts at the Offertory.

Sr. Mary Amata and Fr. Ed recall past meetings while Fr. Master and Sr. Virginia Mary greet. It was a joyous and noisy few minutes of greetings!

Fr. Master is both funny and insightful. He is a true brother.

Sr. Mary Martin and Sr. Judith Miryam with Fr. Carlos. All the trees are blooming. The garden is beautiful!

To remember!

The novitiate with Fr. Master. Sr. Maria Teresa is seated because she is recovering from gallbladder surgery.