The first truckload of wood pulled into the enclosure yard this morning followed a short time later by the all-important dumpster! (You have no idea how difficult it will be for us not to make use of it for our own cleaning out!)

Today the men began doing the preliminary work for the temporary ramps needed so that the sisters from the Infirmary and carts from the parlor can go to the kitchen while the hallway outside the refectory is being raised and graded. The refectory got blocked off by a huge plastic doorway and the windows from the choir (yes, the choir is very close to the refectory!) were closed off also so that all the dust from the wood won't get into these areas.

Frank, our contractor, estimates that in about 2 weeks we'll need to start cleaning out and clearing out of the kitchen.

Meanwhile yesterday and today the Sisters began setting in motion the domino effect move needed so that we can move out of the kitchen. What is it?

Sr. Mary Amata needed to move out of a workroom on the third floor so that the exercise equipment can move out of one part of the "print shop annex" so that Sr. Mary Catharine can move her weaving studio so that the Soap Department can move out of the bakery (which they have outgrown!) so that the kitchen can move to the bakery!

This is an exciting moment for our community and this evening we remembered in a special all of you who are making this project possible. Please join us in asking St. Joseph's intercession that all will go smoothly without any disasters especially the plumbing and electrical work and for the safety of the workmen.

We'll be posting pictures regularly.