It's that time of year in the Monastery—our annual retreat. This year, Fr. Jay Harrington, OP is preaching the conferences.

Everyone is encouraged to do only the work that is necessary and we are free to rest, pray, study or whatever otherwise. (We saw one sister in St. Dominic's garden this afternoon. She's been looking forward to this extra free time to enjoy some gardening!)

Retreat in a monastery is different than when you go off to a retreat house or monastery. The meals still need to be cooked, laundry done and unexpected things happen but the Lord knows what we need!

We all enjoy the evening which because there is no recreation is free. Early Compline gives us a chance to get a little extra shut-eye, too.

So, if you should come to the monastery and there is no volunteer receptionist please, if possible come back another time. Thank you for this. Please know that you are all in our prayers during this special week as we step back into greater solitude and silence with God!