A Summit-uous Fourth

The Fourth of July is always a double celebration for us as it is also the feast of Bl. PierGiorgio Frassati, our brother who belonged to the Fraternities of St. Dominic. We think Bl. PierGiorgio would have enjoyed our American celebration!

The weather was simply amazing! We enjoyed a wonderful cookout and the kitchen sisters kept their sense of humor despite the creative chaos in our temporary kitchen. The question we hear all the time is, "Where is the ----?"

The afternoon brought time just to talk on the cloister, and a wild game of croquet. Then at evening recreation we sang patriotic and American songs. Why is it that everyone knows the first verse and a part of the second verse but never the third one?

Shortly after Compline those who wished raced up to the UPPER roof of the monastery while others found a spot down below to watch the town fireworks. This year, Sr. Mary Martin, worn out from repeated yearly requests gave permission for the younger sisters to climb up to the top roof. The view is incredible from there and it was such a clear night they could see not one display of fireworks but about 7 of them! Sr. Maria Teresa reflected, "Here we are on our cloister roof watch more displays than people out "in the world"!" A bit of the hundred-fold promised by our Lord!

After the display the sisters lingered enjoying the fun and then headed back to the library door making sure to stomp over Fr. Kieran's living quarters and make scary noises over the skylight above his kitchen.

To all who provided so generously for our celebration we are so grateful and ask our Lord to reward you as only He can. It was truly a Summit-uous celebration!

The view from the roof.

Sr. Maria Agnes learns the tricks of grilling! Great job, Sister!"


Sr. Mary Ellen Timothy, Sr. Maureen and Sr. Denise Marie enjoy each other's company on the cloister.

Sr. Maria smiles through anything!

O beautiful for spacious skies...

Singing verses 2 and 3 of the Star Spangled Banner (not the Star Spangled Banana, as it was first announced!)

Fireworks everywhere!