"The whole creation proclaims the greatest of God's glory!"

These are the words of the responsory we were singing at Vespers last night as a severe thunder storm dropped huge balls of hail on the area! The sound of the hail dropping on the slate roof was so loud that we could barely hear ourselves sing!

The sisters who ran out to shut windows said that the hail was larger than golf-ball size and closer to baseball size! After Vespers one sister ran out and grabbed a few to put them in the freezer so that she could show them to the rest of the community later! News reports online "downgraded" the size of the hail to "quarter-size". The economy seems to affect everything these days!

It was an unusual experience for most of us. Sr. Joseph Maria and Sr. Carri, natives of Texas and Kansas, immediately asked, "Do you think there is a tornado warning?" So, we went online and yes, there HAD been a tornado warning for our area.

Damages were minor: a sensor light near the door going out to the garden was blown out and some screens have holes. The garden and vineyard didn't suffer any serious damage.