Fulfill Father, what you have said, and help us by your prayers!

Posting on the vigil of the feast of our founder, St. Dominic is always rather difficult. There is so much we would like to say about our beloved Father. Love moves one to silence!

It takes time to get to know St. Dominic. It takes silence. Listening. Love. St. Dominic, it is said, spoke only about God or to God. Think about that. Can you imagine someone saying that about YOU!

St. Dominic was gentle, loving, human. He could correct a brother sternly yet at the same time be so concerned for his well being that the brother didn't feel hurt at all. He carried wooden spoons all the way from Spain to Rome as a little gift of affection for the nuns, carrying them all along the journey as he walked the roads.

He could move sinners to repentance and provoke a "laughter-stirring miracle" as he did the time he came to preach to the nuns at S. Sabina in Rome. The miracle? It's too long to give the account here but did you hear of any other saint who's miracle elicited laughter!

Joy was the hallmark of St. Dominic's life but he could be easily moved to tears at the sorrow and distress of another. His nights were spent in prayer in deep intimacy with God. Not quiet, don't move a muscle prayer, but prayer that was expressed by his entire body, by groans so loud that they woke up the sleeping brothers and by tears so copious that he would leave a puddle on the floor in the morning!

St. Dominic was human enough to remark on his deathbed that he preferred the company of young women to the chattering of old ones! But then he repented of saying such a thing! And then he promised that he would be of more use to us after his death than while on earth. For nearly 800 years the Order has taken him up on his promise!

A Joyous and Blessed Feast Day!

The room where St. Dominic died.

Like St. Paul, St. Dominic travelled all over Europe (and on foot!) to preach the Gospel and to encourage the newly founded priories. Here is a diagram of his missionary travels.