New Postulant Enters

Sr. Janlyn is all smiles on her entrance day!

We are happy to announce that St. Dominic gave us the gift of a new postulant!

On August 7th, in time to celebrate I Vespers with us, Sr. Janlyn Rathgeber from Melville, Saskatchewan entered our monastery.

Sr. Janlyn is 26 and recently served 3 years as a lay missionary with Catholic Christian Outreach, a Canadian national university student movement dedicated to evangelization. They challenge young adults to live in the fullness of the Catholic faith, with a strong emphasis on becoming leaders in the renewal of the world.

Sr. Janlyn served in the main office as an accountant, a skill we know will one day will be put to good use in the monastery!

Sister also brings the gift of a beautifully trained singing voice. Since her entrance she has resumed practicing the organ and we look forward to the day when she will join our other organists in helping our community sing on key and on time! (There is an old monastic story that at an Abbots' meeting one Abbot said to another, "I'll give you 2 plumbers for 1 organist!")

Please pray for Sr. Janlyn as she begins her first steps in becoming formed in heart and mind as a Dominican nun where in the silence and hiddeness of the cloister she will continue to be an instrument of evangelization, spending herself, as did our Holy Father, St. Dominic, for the salvation of souls and the praise of God!

It won't be long before the novitiate fills to capacity and we'll have to start thinking about taking part of the professed dormitory!

Hey, check it out! Two "bluebirds!"

The novitiate sisters with their novice mistress. Deo gratias!