Welcome Home, Sr. Mary Martin!

Monastere Notre-Dame du Rosaire

The cloister of the Berthierville Monastery

This past week has been quite topsy-turvy. Not only has at least half the community been down with some version of the cold making its way through the community, but Sr. Mary Martin has been away attending the prioresses' meeting. She was supposed to arrive early this afternoon but the inclement weather delayed her flight almost 4 hours.

About every 4 years the prioresses of our North American monasteries meet. Usually there is a specific theme with speakers, discussion and plenty of time to share stories and support each other in this challenging service to the communities. This year's meeting was a little different. It was a retreat preached by Fr. Dominic Izzo, friar consultant for the Association of Dominican Monasteries. As Sr. Mary Martin was preparing for her departure last Saturday it was more than obvious that she was looking forward to this short respite...from us!

The meeting this year is also an historic first because it is the first time it occurs outside the United States! Our sisters of the Monastere Notre-Dame du Rosaire in Berthierville, Quebec, Canada enthusiastically invited the prioresses to have their retreat at their monastery.

We are looking forward to recreation this evening and badgering Sr. Mary Martin with questions about her trip! She didn't bring the camera so there won't be any photos although perhaps another prioress with share her photos later on.

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