Some Photos from the Canonization!

We watched a little of the Canonization Ceremony today during recreation. Since most of the photos on the news sites cover St. Damien of Molokai we thought we would share some Dominican ones we were able to get off of an online replay of the Ceremony.

With the whole Church we rejoice in our new Saints!

Fr. Master and Fr. Edward Ruane, the Master's vicar, in the entrance procession.

Father Master was one of the main concelebrants.

The Dominican Sisters of the Annunciata carry up the relics of St. Francisco Coll y Guitart during the ceremony.

The relics of St. Francisco

The Postulator (whose name we forget!) greets our Holy Father and speaks a few words. (We noticed that whenever the Dominican Sisters or Fathers greeted the Holy Father they spoke quite a bit!)

JP Sonnen (Orbis Catholicus) got this great picture of three of our Dominican Brothers just for us! On the right is Fr. Benedict Croell, OP who is studying at the Angelicum! Fr. Benedict if you are reading this your promised visit is LONG overdue!

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