The Spirit of the Liturgy

Nearly every week for the past 2 months we have had the pleasure of having Fr. Peter Stravinskas lecture on the biblical foundations of the Mass and on the upcoming new translation, its background and implementation.

Father is not only a great teacher but an equally prolific storyteller making for a never-dull class that usually goes over its one hour limit and right up to dinner time. This necessitates all sorts of liturgical changes as Sext and Rosary are at 11:30.

We hope Father Stravinskas will be a regular visitor to the monastery and be able to lecture during a time when we aren't being invaded by workman and all the noise that goes with it!

Postulants and Novice Mistress alike are engrossed. Father's lectures were timed perfectly to serve as an introduction to the Novitiate "Theology of the Liturgy" class.

Sr. Maria, our music directress, listens intently.