This delightful snow globe was a gift of the Vo Family last year and we love to walk by and push the button to make it snow and spend a little time contemplating the mystery of Christmas!


  • 5:30 PM 1st Vespers of Christmas
  • 11:30 Doors Open
  • 11:40 Program of Carols sung by the Nuns
  • 12:00 Midnight Mass
  • 6: 35 Lauds of Christmas
  • 8: 00 Mass of Christmas Day
  • 12:00 Sext
  • 3:15 None & Rosary
  • 5: 30 Vespers of Christmas

The other hours of the Divine office (Matins and Compline) are not open to the public.

The chapel will be open all day long from 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM but there is no receptionist and the Sisters will not be available to fill Perpetual Enrollement requests.

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