Gaudate! Let us Rejoice in the Lord

Several people have inquired into how they might donate poinsettias to beautify our chapel and honor the Infant King.

We rely solely on donations of poinsettias, greenery, wreaths, etc. for our chapel. Our choir is decorated simply but we are grateful for any donations for the sanctuary and chapel.

You may wish to donate flowers and greenery by having them sent directly to the monastery, delivering them personally or donating toward a purchase by using the donate button on the side bar to the left.

If you wish to donate flowers in memory of a loved one, their names are recorded on a special list on the bulletin board outside of our choir. We faithfully read all the intentions on the board and carry them in our hearts during our times of adoration and prayer.

May God and His Holy Mother bless you abundantly with every good thing both spiritually and materially!