With the "Dumb Ox" in the Stable

When St. Thomas Aquinas was a student his classmates dubbed in the "dumb ox" because he was such a big man and so silent in class. It is said that St. Albert the Great responded, "You call him the Dumb Ox; I tell you that this Dumb Ox shall bellow so loud that his bellowings will fill the world!"

So it is appropriate that St. Thomas should give us not a loud bellowing, but a gentle mooing (to keep the analogy going) as we prepare for Christ's coming during this Advent Season. Our Dominican brother, Fr. Andrew Carl Wisdom, OP, opens up before us the treasure of St. Thomas' writings in his new book, Advent & Christmas: Wisdom from St. Thomas Aquinas.

We just got our copies in and they are now available from our online gift shoppe. The book is designed so that each day we feast on the wisdom of St. Thomas as he teaches us to go deeper into the mystery of the Incarnation. After a short text from one of his works there is a scripture reading, a prayer and an "Advent action"--a way to put into practice what we have learned from our lectio.

You can read a selection from the book HERE.