We Give You Thanks, Almighty God, For All Your Gifts!

The celebration of Epiphany last weekend was extra special for us! We had the pleasure of hosting a thank-you dinner for Frank Korfmann and the people who made the day-in-and-day-out renovations a reality! Not everyone was able to be present, but most of them came with their families.

Bishop Manuel Cruz was invited Saturday evening for the dinner to formally bless the completion of the work but he was unable to make it. However, he was able to come the next day, Epiphany Sunday, for Holy Mass and Dinner afterwards. Bishop Cruz preached a deeply moving homily on our contemplative vocation and the importance of a life of silence, prayer and community. After, he and his aunt, Tia Isabel, came in for the Blessing. He made sure to use lots of holy water! Then a delicious meal, prepared by Sr. Judith Miryam was served—by the bishop himself! He insisted that he and Tia Isabel do the honors! It was a moving and humbly experience.

He also gave us a free day but Sr. Maria quickly asked that it be moved to a weekday so we got TWO free days! One in honor of her birthday and one in honor of the Bishop's visit!

Both days were a joyous and delightful occasion in every way but we were really happy to be back to our "normal" way of life on Monday!

Below is a slideshow of the celebrations.