How To Make A Novice Happy

Note to the Heavnly Bridegroom: to make a novice happy deliver a blizzard with lots of wet snow!

Sr. Mary Magdalene would probably also add a BIG pot of hot chocolate but it IS Lent, soo....

A blizzard still means class for the novitiate sisters, one of the few disadvantages of not having to commute to work or school! But that didn't stop Sr. Janlyn and Sr. Mary Magdalene from taking a few moments after class and before work to enjoy the white stuff! All day, the novitiate sisters have been peering out the windows (well, EVERYONE is!) and are all smilies. They can't wait to get the noon meal dishes finished so that they can go sledding! The snow is heavy and wet. PERFECT!

The predictions are for a total of over 1 foot to maybe 2 feet in our area! (Summit is on a high elevation.)

Didn't they say we aren't supposed to eat snow? Oh, well!

It's Spring Training in Florida so why not here!

PLAY BALL! Snowball, that is! Gottcha, Sister!

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