Community Recreation is an important part of our monastic day. Not only is it a time to TALK and TALK some more but it is most especially a time of fraternal communion when we share with each other on various levels.

Recreation has different forms. Sometimes it means a walk in the garden, a game of basketball or a game of scrabble, mini-pool, or putting a puzzle together. Some nights we just sit around and talk and other nights, mostly Sunday nights, the handwork comes out and we all look pretty "domesticated"!

Sr. Mary Catharine is showing Sr. Janlyn how to crochet. "It's easy, Sister!"

Can you tell that Sr. Mary Catharine originally had plans to teach 2nd and 3rd grade!
"You've almost got it! See, it wasn't too hard, was it?"
Sr. Denise Marie shows Sr. Mary Amata the relics inside her crucifix. We all wear a relic crucifix under our scapular. Each one contains a relic of the True Cross and various Dominican Saints. These crucifixes were given to us by our monastery in Monte Mario, Rome shortly after we came to Summit.

The Rosary Makers! Along with Sr Maria Veneranda, Sr. Joseph Maria and Sr. Mary Magdalene are 2 of a team of sisters who try to keep up with the demand for our rosaries sold in our monastery gift shop. Sr. Denise Marie, Sr. Mary Amata and Sr. Maria Teresa also help.
We don't watch TV (except something special with the Holy Father) but do sometimes watch a movie, usually of a religious nature or an old movie!

Card Sharks! Sr. Maureen and Sr. Mary Martin are regular solitaire players. Usually at any recreation there is a group playing cards. The game is sometimes rather raucous!

Sr. Maria is always crocheting pot holders. WHEN she finishes one it is usually kept for a gift or if we are lucky, given to the kitchen for our use!

Sr. Maria Veneranda is making rosaries while Sr. Maria Teresa (STILL crocheting a shawl) enjoys the latest issue of National Geographic with Sr. Diana Marie. Meanwhile, Sr. Janlyn, from the smile on her face, is enjoying her first try at crocheting!