Our Sister, Catherine

Today the Dominican Order and the Church rejoices in the feast of our sister, Catherine Benincasa, the 14th century lay Dominican, who God used to bring reform to the Church and the papacy back to Rome. Her writings, The Dialogue and The Letters of St. Catherine are easily available in excellent translations and well worth taking the time to read because they are as relevant today for our growth in holiness and union with God as they were 600 years ago.

Although St Catherine was a lay Dominican she is a model for all Dominicans: friars, nuns, sisters and laity, because she epitomizes the charism of the Order so well. Our sisters in the novitiate have more than 10 classes on her spirituality and writings. The Dominican Office for her is a feast of beautiful texts giving one much food for prayer and contemplation.

Happy Feast Day to all our Dominican Brothers and Sisters, especially those who have St. Catherine as their patroness!