Preparing for Easter

Holy Saturday is an intense day both liturgically and preparing for the great solemnity of Easter! There is a certain "back and forth" as the day is permeated with the somber mourning of Holy Saturday as we go into the Choir throughout the day, our white habits covered with the black cappa. And then we come out of Choir and the atmosphere throughout the house is one of a restrained joy as we prepare for the Pasch. As one of the novices described it, "the anticipation keeps building until we think we can't take it much longer!" And then the Vigil is here with the Easter fire roaring on the cloister! Below are a few photos from our preparations! It's a challenge to get photos on this day because everyone seems to be bilocating and in various parts of the house at the same time!

Sr. Joseph Maria makes hot chocolate for Gaudeamus after the Vigil

Sr. Maria Teresa & Sr. Janlyn hang new curtains at the Choir door.

Sr. Diana Marie & Sr. Joseph Maria make the cheese platter for Gaudeamus.

Sr. Joseph Maria shows off a gift from a benefactor! Goat's Cheese!

Srs. Mary Amata and Denise Marie decorate the community room.

Sr. Diana Marie shows off the marzipan fruit from Sr. Maria's sister.

Flowers in the Chapter waiting to proclaim the joy of Easter!

Sr. Mary Magdalene sets up new candles in the sanctuary.

Sr. Judith Miryam lays out the new altar cloth.

Never too old to decorate eggs!

Sr. Maureen decorates the Refectory tables.

The chaos of preparations!

Still smiling!
"So WHERE do they go?"