Today as we remember the 130th anniversary of the the first Dominican Nuns coming from France to Newark, NJ, we welcomed Sr. Veronica Gessner into our monastic family.

Sr. Veronica is 23 and graduated from American University, Washington, DC. She is a native of Flemington, NJ. For the past year she has been working for Bloomberg Financial. Sr. Veronica found out about our monastery from our brother, Fr. David Mott, OP, who was campus minister at AU.

With the entrance of Sr. Veronica our novitiate is official FULL as we keep one monastic cell for aspirants. However, the renovation of another small wing will give us the much needed extra cells. Last week the novices energetically gave the novitiate community room and closets a good "spring cleaning" in order to make room for Sr. Veronica's desk and for the postulant(s) we look forward to entering in the Fall.

Originally, the novitiate was built for 10 novices but one cell had to house the motor for the pipe organ; the novice mistress' cell became the novitiate library and another cell became her small office. Last summer we lost a cell that we use as a conference room because the closet houses the new exhaust system for the kitchen! However, God always provides and there are always creative ways of making more room!

Please pray for Sr. Veronica's perseverance!