Sister Princesses!

Today Sr. Maria Teresa and Sr. Mary Catharine were leaving the doctor's office when two little kids not more than 4 or 5 years old looked up at them and asked in a loud voice, "What are they doing? Are they princesses?" Everyone laughed and Sr. Mary Catharine answered in a conspiratorial voice, "Yes, we are!"

Of course we are! Do you know about the GOLDEN CASTLE? The Golden Castle is the place where all the princesses sing the Queen's Song to the King! You can get this delightful booklet from our gift shoppe. It was written and designed by two of our sisters in honor of our Golden Jubilee in 1969 but has been reprinted several times. It's a story about our life written for children but the story is a favorite of adults, too!

This little experience was a delight for the Sisters as little children seem to have a special awareness of the beauty of our vocation as spouses of Christ! Our Lord uses them to bring the joy of our vocation to those with whom we meet when we are outside of the cloister!

Sister Mary Catharine said that it made up for all the noise, especially the constant cell phones! Although they were only a few blocks from the monastery they felt they were millions of miles away and more than happy to be back!