A Little Renovating...A Lot of Repair

Library entryway from the Professed Dormitory. All the books are sealed in plastic! PANIC!
The false ceiling in the photo will be raised several feet to allow for more shelving.

This week we began another phase of our long-term renovation projects, that of renovating our monastic library. Most of this is repairing a leak that seeps down into the back of the chapel along the wall where the mosaic of Our Lady of Guadalupe is mounted. This mosaic is greatly loved by those who come to pray here as is evident by the flowers left at her feet.

The library ceiling, which is as high as the chapel was dropped many years ago. Over time the tiles have crumbled and the lighting job was always inadequate if not downright gloomy! The library, which is over the chapel vestibule is cold in the winter and hot and stuffy in the summer.
In other words, the library hasn't been a place you want to spend much time in! Most Sisters get their books...and run!

A view from the roof doorway.

Renovating means adding a new level of shelving, raising the ceiling, adequate lighting and a new heat and air conditioning system.

In the chapel the mosaic of our Lady of Guadalupe will be reframed and raised about 2 feet so that a bank of vigil lights can be stationed in front. The blower above her which is a huge monstrocity that gives off absolutely no heat will be removed. And yes, the leak will be identified and repaired!

The whole job will take about 2 weeks and we're excited to finally be able to do this! The library is an important place in our monastic life and although ours is not big enough (shelving spills over into the Professed Dormitory) we hope to make it as accessible and welcoming as possible.