Celebrating Independence Day--Part I

It's hot here in Summit, NJ. The weather widget on the computer says 100 degrees! The thermometer on the cloister says 80 in the shade.

But it's not too humid and there is a delightful breeze! We all got a chance to enjoy it this afternoon as our power and the power in the area and beyond experienced more than 4 hours without electricity!

Except for concerns for the older sisters and the milk in the refrigerator most of us enjoyed the experience of having no electricity. First of all, it's amazing how SILENT the entire house is! It's wonderful! The phone doesn't ring nor does the doorbell! A friend did stop by this afternoon and yelled up to the windows, "Anyone there?!"

You never realize how noisy things like refrigerators and freezers, Cuisinarts, printers, computers, fans and air conditioners are until none of them run!

Everyone had their coping tactics. One Sister spent siesta sleeping outside under a tree on an old quilt. Others found the coolest spots where there was a breeze and stayed there. Filipino banana leaf fans came out at Office time which we sang in the community room, opening the choir doors and lining up our chairs in front.

Several sisters remarked that the lack of electricity provided them with the pleasant opportunity to spend an afternoon doing just about nothing or getting comfortable with a book.

An occasion such as this really gives us all pause to thank God for the gifts of we enjoy here in the United States—gifts that people in many parts of the world never have and we asked God to bless them and to bless the poor in our own country who suffer from the heat.