Behind the Scenes at the General Chapter

Here is a short clip of the wonderful Brothers and Sisters who work behind the scenes to make the Chapter function smoothly. The translators are absolutely amazing and work long and hard hours! Brother Lawrence is the one who provides us with the chronicle and photos.

Here at the Monastery we appreciate the work of the Brothers who provide us with text, videos and photos. We read the Chronicle at the noon meal and at the evening meal we've been reading the Relatio of Fr. Carlos on the state of the Order at the end of his term as Master. Thanks to modern technology this is the first time that we've been able to receive these documents in "real time". Such an experience "feeds" our life of prayer and intercession for our Brothers and Sisters at the General Chapter.

As you can probably figure out by now, the governmental functioning of the Chapter is not exactly efficient but it does work! We've got 800 years to prove it! As Humbert of Romans, second successor of St. Dominic said, "A good which meets with general approval is more quickly and easily achieved!"