No, Sabina is not a new postulant but our new dog!

Sabina came to us through the Seeing Eye in Morristown., NJ where they train dogs as guides for blind or visually impaired. Not all the dogs they breed and train pass the requirements and these dogs are given to good homes. We've been on the waiting list for nearly 2 years and last week we got the call that they had a dog for us!

Sabina is a golden retriever, nearly 2 years old. In fact, she was born on the day Sr. Mary Magdalene entered! She was named "Ultra" but we immediately decided that she needed a better name! Of course we had a community meeting. Names were put up on the board: Rosa, Sienna, Sabina, etc. and Sabina won!

Sabina learned her new name in about 10 minutes. She is happy, content dog who loves being able to run about the enclosure. She was very good her first night sleeping on the stair landing on her comfy dog bed but this morning at 5:30 was quite a challenge! All those nuns walking by and no one coming down to say good morning! So, she went back to sleep while we were at prayer.