We've Been Busy!!

Since Sr. Denise Marie was elected as our prioress, she and the rest of us have been busy with the many and various things that keep a monastery of 20 nuns running!

Sr. Mary Martin took a WELL-DESERVED retreat at the Monastery of Our Lady of Grace in North Guilford, CT. We are looking forward to her return.

After a prioral election the new prioress has a month to appoint the officials of the monastery. The major offices are: sub prioress, novice mistress, bursar. The other minor offices like chantresses, librarian, infirmarian, sacristan are usually made shortly after. Then after they are in place the kitchen, and turn duty schedules are worked out. It usually takes a week or two of trial and error before the schedule is in place.

The Council is a group of sisters whose consent and advice the Prioress is obliged to seek in certain circumstances. Besides the major officials 2 or 3 sisters are elected by the monastery chapter to serve as councillors. These sisters are elected at this time.

So, while Sr. Denise Marie is busy thinking, and asking advice about these things the rest of us go about our normal business. In the novitiate, besides classes on the Theology of the Spiritual Life, Scripture and Consecration and Vows, they are busy getting ready for the Christmas season in the soap department. This is the time when the wholesale orders come in and when they start making the special soaps and gifts for Christmas.

We're happy to share with you our special Christmas soaps! They are now available, along with our standard Christmas scents until December 17th when we shut down our online gift shoppe and stop all production to prepare for the feast of our Infant Savior. Our suggestion is to do your Christmas shopping early so that it can be "out of the way" and you give your heart and soul to the season of Advent and prepare for the coming of our Savior!

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