First (Annual?) Parents' Night

The visit of Sr. Mary Cecilia's family from Saskatchewan was the occasion of the first "Parents' Night" last evening!

The Franko's (Sr. Maria Teresa) and the Gessner's (Sr. Veronica) joined the Rathgeber's (Sr. Mary Cecilia) for a dinner prepared by the novitiate sisters! The sisters chose "yum" instead of "fancy" and prepared meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and asparagus with Peanut Butter Nanaimo bars and ice cream for dessert. The sisters set the table and served their parents...much to their amusement! "Is this my daughter?"

After we gave them plenty of time to talk (about their daughters?) the novitiate sisters joined them for some conversation and the requisite family photo. We left the parlor around 9PM but only the parents know how long they stayed to talk some more!

The Sisters with their parents. Sr. Mary Cecilia's sister, Ronelle, was also present.,

The novitiate and parents. Due to distance the parents of Sr. Joseph Maria, Sr. Mary Magdalene and Sr. Veronique couldn't be with us but they were in spirit!

Check out my meat loaf! We get the left-overs!