The FIRST Solemn Profession Ceremony: November 21, 1955

The Community in 1934.

Every year on the November 21st our community recalls with joy the First Solemn Profession of our community in 1955. The day is usually preceded by a 3 day retreat. For us, this anniversary is extra special because it was the dream of our foundress, Mother Imelda, that our monastery become fully incorporated as Nuns of the Order of Preachers, what was known as the Second Order.

Mother Imelda of Jesus 

Due to various problems, including the delay in building the monastery, this did not happen until 1955. However, from 1923 until 1955 the Sisters lived the Constitutions of the Nuns waiting for the day when the bishop (there were several) would finally consent. It was due to the persistence of Sr. Mary Antoninus (including tears!) that the process began and finally the wonderful day of Solemn Profession on November 21, 1955!

Recently, we had the reel-to-reel tape of the Sisters making their profession put on CD and we listened to it last night in the refectory! Sr. Mary Daniel is the only Sister still living from the group but for many of us it was wonderful to hear the voices of the Sisters we knew and loved. For the new Sisters it was an introduction to "the rest of the family" who are in Heaven waiting for us.

It was especially moving to hear Mother Mary Imelda make profession. She was so overcome with tears she could barely speak.

Here is a clip from that historical day!

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