If Christmas "belongs" to the Franciscans (because of the creche) than one could say that Epiphany is our Dominican Christmas! We have little of what St. Dominic wrote or preached but we do know from sources (including the Nine Ways of Prayer) that it was the manifestation of Christ to the Three Kings that St. Dominic loved to use as an example for how to pray.

The Feast of the Epiphany is also a "Dominican" feast because it is about our Savior being preached to all the nations. The reading at First Vespers is one that is dear to every Dominican, "How beautiful upon the mountain are the feet of those who preach good news!" (Is 52:7).

The feast of the Epiphany is also about our Lady who is the Seat of Wisdom because St. Matthew tells us that the Magi found the Child with Mary His Mother. And they fell down and worshiped Him. At the beginning of any Chapter, class or lecture Dominicans always invoke our Lady under this title of "Our Lady Seat of Wisdom."

In our monastery we have the custom of the "Three Kings". Usually for breakfast there are muffins or something like them in which each has a nut or bean and the three sisters who get them are the "kings". Not only do they get to sit in front of everyone and be crowned while we all sing "We Three Kings of Orient Are" with great gusto (and a bit of goofing off) but they get to have Holy Mass offered for their intentions!

This year, Sr. Veronica, Sr. Maria and Sr. Mary John were the chosen three.