G'day, Mates! Didn't You Celebrate Australia Day?

If you have an Australian aspirant you've got to celebrate Australia Day!

Both the US and Aussie flag were hanging in the hallway when Monica came down to for Lauds yesterdaay. We did our best the day before to prepare what we hoped were typical Australian foods without her finding out! She did have a sneaky suspicion that something was up when she saw Sr. Mary Cecilia making Boston Bun which is a delicious potato bread!

Dessert at noon featured Pavlova and Lamingtons and supper was Meat Pie. All were delicious!

At each Sister's place in the refectory were Australian note cards, word find or cross word puzzles and a map of Australia with "How well do YOU know Australia?" Fortunately, the answers were at the bottom of the page!

At recreation we sang the Australian National Anthem. Considering we had never heard or sung it before we did rather well! That led to singing our own and then we went on to singing the Anthems of Canada and Haiti.

Monica had a lovely day and even recognized the foods we made! And for the first time in her life she celebrated Australia Day by going sledding in a snow storm!

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