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Many, many years ago the tower bell rope was cut for reasons lost in time. We rarely used the bell, anyway. It couldn't be heard in most parts of the house and an electric carillon has been used for decades.

The novitiate sisters begged Sr. Denise Marie that if they would go to the upper roof and tie the bell could they ring it to signal the end of after dinner recreation? She agreed and then it snowed. And again! And some more! However, one Saturday afternoon, the Sisters climbed to the upper roof and did their stuff.

We rang the bell. PULL! It sure was hard! We pulled again. Did you hear the bell? Some sisters said yes others no. Disappointment. We pulled the bell again and it was stuck! Another trip the following day up to the roof. (As you can well imagine the novitiate sisters didn't mind this one bit!)

Finally, after several more trips up to the roof the bell is tied correctly and Sr. Joseph Maria is often seen running to the bell closet at 1:30 to remind us all that recreation is over and silence time is beginning.

Our tower bell was made by Meneely Bell Foundry in Troy, NY and is a ship's bell! As we go through our monastery chronicle reading on Friday nights we look forward to learning more about our bell!

Look Mom! Climbing to the upper roof where we also go to watch fireworks!

How many novices does it take to tie a bell? As many as possible!

View from the roof--Winter
View from the roof-Spring!

If you've been to Rosary Shrine lately you've probably noticed our improved signage! Now, the front entrance has a "real" sign! Unlike other monasteries that have a front entrance separate from the monastery chapel our monastery chapel entrance IS our main entrance. For newcomers this can be terribly confusing, especially when there is no one in the reception office.

Now, not only do we have this beautiful new sign but a permanent sign on the receptionist office doors alerts visitors to the intercom near the parlor should they need assistance. New signs point to the parlor to the left of the chapel with directions at the intercom as well.

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