In One Month...

In just a month, on the solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord our two postulants, Sr. Veronica and Sr. Veronique will receive the holy habit of the Order of Preachers and become novices! It seems like they just entered!

Sr. Mary Amata, Sr. Mary Catharine and Sr. Maria Teresa have been working hard sewing! Habits, cappas, tunicelles, caps, collars and veils all need to be sewn in time for the big day!

Important, too, is the spiritual preparation that especially takes place in the hidden recesses of the hearts of our new novices-to-be.

Which is one reason why the choosing of a new name is so important. As the postulant kneels before the community in the chapter hall the prioress with the assistance of the novice mistress clothes the novice in the habit. This simple yet symbol gesture signifies that the postulant desires to be clothed with Christ in a new life in this community of love. Changing her name also signifies part of this intention just as she was given her new name at her baptism.

In our monastery the postulant with the approval of the prioress and novice mistress chooses the name she feels God has picked out for her. It's kept a secret from the community although most of the novices are pretty sure they know what it will be after teasing their companion mercilessly for over 2 months!

In the past you have enjoyed guessing the names of our new novices so here is your chance to guess not just ONE but TWO! REMEMBER, the sisters already know the name they will take!

So, in the comment box make your guess. PLEASE don't post more than THREE names for each sister and indicate which sister's name you are guessing. Also, try not to choose names of sisters already in the community.

IF you choose the correct name or if no one chooses the exact name something quite close you will get a special prize made by the Sisters!