"So That the Word of God May Dwell Abundantly In the Monastery"

This phrase from our constitutions is about the role of Regular Observance in our monastic life and one of our observances as Dominican Nuns is the study of Sacred Truth! So, when the Holy Father published his Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation on the Word of God (Verbum Domini) we of course, felt that the Holy Father was speaking especially to us Dominicans who are especially commissioned for the contemplation and preaching of the Incarnate Word. (But that doesn't mean that YOU shouldn't read it! It was written for the universal Church!)

For the past 2 days, Fr. Roger Landry, a priest of the diocese of Fall River (but, alas, not a Dominican; you can't have everything!) led us through a whirlwind tour of the document enabling us to better mine and reflect the riches it contains. Fr. Landry's enthusiasm for this subject and his love of teaching and preaching prevented anyone from dozing off!

Fr. Landry doesn't stand still for more than a few seconds so it was hard to get a good photo!

"OK, Father, tells us all about the iPad!" Fr. Landry is a fan of using the latest technology for speading the message of the Gospel!
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