The Sacred Triduum at the Monastery

The Sacred Triduum is nearly upon us. To attend any of the liturgical services at our monastery please click on the "Events" page to find the schedule. All our Offices and Masses are open to the public except the Easter Vigil.

We encourage you to attend and experience the beautiful of our liturgical life which is our gift from the Church for you!

We also invite you to attend our 90th Rosary Pilgrimage which will be on Sunday, May 8th at 3:00 PM. Please encourage your family and friends to attend. Yes, it is Mother's Day so what better day to honor our Blessed Mother?!

You can easily incorporate the Pilgrimage in your Mother's Day plans by attend after your Mother's Day brunch or before dinner out for mom!

Parking is limited by pilgrims may also park at the Claremont Building across the street from the Monastery on Morris Ave.

There is more information on the "Events" page and at the top right hand side of this page is a PDF of a flyer you can print out and share with others.

Please call the monastery at 908.273.1228 if you have any questions about Holy Week or the Rosary Pilgrimage.