Wiping the Face of Christ

Early last week Sr. Mary Veronica's dad emailed asking if we could meet him and Mrs. Gessner in the parlor after Holy Thursday Mass. They had something in honor of Sr. Mary Veronica's Vestition and they though that it would be an appropriate day to give it to us.

Sr. Mary Veronica was stymied. What could it be? Lamb chops? (The Gessner's have sheep.)

Much to her surprise and ours we were presented with this beautiful reproduction of Carlo Caliari's work of Jesus Meeting Veronica! The actual painting is in the Chapel of our Lady of the Rosary at the Dominican Basilica of Santi Giovanni e Paolo in Venice, Italy.

Now comes the hard part. Where to hang it? Good Dominicans that we are this calls for a community meeting to come to that important decision! The painting is so beautiful we want to hang it in just the right place!

Many thanks to Mom and Dad Gessner for this beautiful gift!